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.: Optispark Monitor

Optispark Monitor

Our 'Optispark Monitor' provides a quick and easy way to diagnose the 1993-1997 LT1, LT4 and L99 Optispark ignition systems. The user can monitor the High Resolution, Low Resolution and Power signals concerned with the Optispark Ignition system. The signals can be viewed in real time or recorded for later analysis. This tool must be used with our 'Opti Scan' Android application.

Installation is easy. Connect the red and black wires to 12V positive and 12V negative. Then connect the 'Optispark Monitor' at the Optispark breakout connector located on the passenger's side of the intake manifold. Two LEDs provide a quick sanity check that the Low Resolution and High Resolution signals are toggling. The 'Opti Scan' app provide more powerful monitoring tools.

When used with our 'Opti Scan' application, the Optispark signals can be monitored the following ways:

.: Cylinder Status Mode - Verification that the High Resolution signal toggles 90 times for every cylinder firing.
.: Signal Mode - Provides real time virtual LED lights signaling the state of the Power, Low Resolution, and High Resolution signals.
.: Logic Analyzer Mode - View the Low Resolution and High Resolution signals on a graph screen.

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Made in the USA!
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.: Opti Scan App

Use our 'Opti Scan' application with our 'Optispark Monitor' to monitor and collect Optispark signal data. Data is recorded in a file that can be easily opened using spreadsheet programs for later analysis.

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