.: Products: 12 Pin ALDL OBD1 USB Interface Cable, Mark II

.: 12 Pin ALDL OBD1 USB Interface Cable, Mark II

12 Pin ALDL USB Interface Cable

Our '12 Pin ALDL OBD1 USB Interface cable, Mark II' allows for the monitoring and recording of General Motors (GM) vehicle performance data to the user's PC. The Interface utilizes the popular FTDI chipset that provides the highest compatibility with PC applications.

Compatible with:
.: TunerPro RT
.: ALDLDroid
.: TTS Datamaster
.: TunerCat
.: Most MS Windows applications that use a COM port to communicate
.: Compatible with most 1982-1995 General Motors (GM) vehicles.

.: Utilizes a genuine FTDI chipset, FT231XS, not the FT232RL which is being counterfeited in Asia. The counterfeit chips have been rendered non-functional by the latest FTDI driver.
.: Utilizes a two transistor interface design for better logic level generation (Logic level low of .3v-.5v typical). The resistor-diode interface used by some manufacturers generates a logic level low of .7v-.9v typical.
.: Switchable 10K resistor across terminals A&B of the ALDL connector. Some vehicles require the resistor to enter diagnostic mode.
.: Transmit / Receive LEDs facilitate connection troubleshooting.

.: All of our products are Made in the USA! We perform all assembly and manufacturing in-house!

Made in the USA!

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